NWNS is not an end-service or equipment provider. NWNS focuses on getting (satellite) telecommunication networks and/or remote power systems efficiently installed at customer specified locations, assuring such systems operate correctly and are well maintained.

NWNS offers reliable and transparent Field- and Professional Services in 140+ countries to governments, satellite operators, ISPs, carriers, system integrators and telecom service providers.

NWNS implements and provides field support everywhere and anywhere but has its key focus on Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East. Through its esteemed partner, NWNS can support the USA nationwide. Recently the company has started expanding in Latin America.  

NWNS delivers anywhere, anytime, anyhow and always.

Implementation support for off-grid power systems
Smart managed microgrids with power guarantee
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NWNS is a global field service solution provider including

    • Global network of local affiliates and representatives.
    • Multi skilled, multi lingual customer support.
    • 24 x 7 call centre and service/help desk.
    • Warehousing, demonstration and test facilities.

NWNS maintains business processes and service level agreements (SLA) that we want to be simple, transparent, flexible and work.

NWNS is one of the very few companies able to plan, deploy, maintain and upgrade multiple (satellite) telecommunications networks and remote electrical power systems simultaneously on a global 24 X 7 basis.  Furthermore, NWNS is “legal and financial compliant” and we operate with integrity. Read More 

VSAT and Earth Stations is our core business, off-grid power solutions a second love. Other NWNS support activities include:

    • Professional services & market assistance.
    • Managed field test services.
    • Interference & radiation analysis.
    • Satellite monitoring, hosting  & co-location.
    • Sourcing of access solutions in remote areas.

NWNS actively supports satellite operators and their customers deploying networks, services, and solutions in emerging markets or extreme- and hard to reach locations, all in accordance with customer specification and global standard. Read More  

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NWNS Solution Brokerage

NWNS Solution Brokerage connects (potential) customers with potential service and solution providers in more than 140 countries, and makes sure end-users get the service or solution they need at the best possible price. Whether satellite, microwave, fibre optic, or mobile network connection, NWNS draws upon its network and extensive research to identify potential providers, solicits bids, and then deliver a finished service (proposal). 

The range of market sectors we cover is versatile and we are not limiting ourselves but we have our focus on telecommunications, (off-grid) utilities and (high tech) agriculture. And, because we don’t provide services to end users directly, we never compete with our customers.

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Network engineering - Risk analyzing - Service selection - RFP bid support - Professional services & market access assistance

For some providers, professional services may be a primary line of business, while for NWNS, professional services are sold as an add-on value driver to our core service offering. We truly believe that NWNS as (field) services implementer and systems integrator can successfully support its clients pioneering and exploring their business potential.

NWNS sells Professional Services and Market Access Assistance to governments, military, telecom, satcom, and sustainable energy businesses of all sizes with challenges in developing – and/or difficult countries. Those are the areas where we as NWNS believe we can make the real difference. And we’ve been doing this since the late 80s, all through the 90s and 00s, until date. Read More

NWNS is always your partner, never your competitor.