This webpage is dedicated to the NWNS Global Field Support. We are in business but its promoting webpage is still under construction. If you however can’t wait for more information please send us an email with your questions or requests to

NWNS Global Field Support
When something is important, we do it even if the odds are not in our favour

At NWNS, we understand better than anyone else that our clients have their strict contractual obligations, other visions and high expectations. Therefore, in order to meet client’s exact requirements NWNS offers various options of field support to choose from.

At any time, the level and quality of field service is a trade-off between RISK and OPEX but always a choice.  The only thing we ask our client is to realise and acknowledge this fact before making any critical implementation decision.

Click here to read more about the pros and cons of local technical support compared to fly-in support.

NWNS Field Support Options:

    1. The use of local (in-country) resources. This is by far the most flexible option hence our preference. Unfortunately, not always possible.
    2. We fly-in foreign staff. A typical solution if local support is not available, not up to standard, or simply too expensive.
    3. We fly-in skilled supervision to work with our local support.

All our options have their own pros and cons, risks and cost structure.

The definition of what is "remote" varies substantially between regions of the world.
According to NWNS: Remote areas are far away from cities and urban places and difficult to get to because they lack efficient or safe transportation links

Our Importer of Record (IoR) and Customs Compliance Services combined with NWNS’s regulatory, implementation and maintenance services allow our clients to have access to truly global reach with one point of contact.