NWNS FSR Support Portal

NWNS provides cost efficient, professional and reliable network implementation & support solutions to emerging markets and beyond.

Are you a field engineer, integrator or solutions provider and looking for opportunities to expand your horizons then why not joining us as an (independent) NWNS Field Service Representative (FSR)?

NWNS aims to build and maintain a professional global network of trusted Field Support Representatives (FSR). If you wish to receive business from NWNS, we kindly ask you to complete and return the on-line field partner registration form first. But before you do, please read our requirements first.

Becoming a certified NWNS Field Support Representative (FSR)

At NWNS we have the wish being well prepared for instant answering and swift quotation. Having you vetted and your company facts on file enables NWNS to act quickly without the need for troubling you all the time. Because we are a serious organization supporting serious customers we want to know a lot about your skills and experiences. 

The process however is easy. Simply click the “Start your application” button or scan the QR code. It will direct you to a form which we want you to fill out and return. Filling out the form should not take more you more than 15-30 minutes of your time. Please note only the fields marked * are mandatory.

Why this form and why so many questions?

We fully realize that this is an extensive questionnaire and not all questions may look relevant to you. The reason for so many detailed questions lies in the fact that NWNS answers to requests for proposal from our globally operating and highly demanding clients. 

A fast and professional response may result in a higher likelihood of winning new deals for our clients and thus for NWNS and you. Therefore, your company information is important and does matter.

After processing the returned information, NWNS will contact you to discuss the next phase including potential business and a Field Service Agreement.

Our requirements:

We want our global field support organization to be the best and most reliable in the world.  For this simple and crystal clear reason we demand from the people who represent NWNS (and its customers) the appropriate soft and hard skills in addition to experience.

This is why we have a FSR selection process called “Know You FSR” or KYF. 

In short KYF is all about the process in which FSRs need to proof who they are and what their activities are. Furthermore we want our (candidate) FSRs to demonstrate that they not only have the hard skills required for the job but also possess a range of soft skills that make them stand out as a valuable NWNS representative in whatever location.

Why such a bureaucratic process?

Because NWNS operates globally and on behalf of corporates and multinationals we must be fully compliant with international rules and regulations related to anti-money laundering (AML), countering financing of terrorism (CFT), and a few more.

This is why NWNS has introduced preventive measures like “KYF” for FSR identification and vetting. Moreover, we believe that FSR identification is the most critical aspect as it is the first step to better perform in the other stages of the selection process. 

NWNS may refuse to take on a FSR or halt a business relationship if the FSR fails to meet minimum KYF requirements. 

Is my information confidential and safe?

Fair question but YES it is! All information can be considered confidential and none of your submitted information will be used for any other commercial purpose. Moreover, the submitted data is transferred and stored encrypted. At NWNS we maintain a very strict privacy policy and if you are interested in the details just click here ⇒

NWNS FSR self-certification

As NWNS, we are committed to carrying on business in accordance with the highest ethical and global standards. This includes complying with all applicable sanction laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate.

In this regard, NWNS endeavours to understand the extent of its partner and clients’ activities with certain sensitive sanctioned countries and list based sanctions regimes. Therefore, the purpose of this form is to ask questions which seek to best identify and understand the nature of any such exposure.

We understand this form may feel intimidating, but this is not how it is intended. It is however important having all possible risks properly catalogued and audit ready. We therefore very much appreciate your cooperation and suggestions.

For more information and /or background motivation please visit the legal section of our website

NWNS FSR training offerings

NWNS facilitates and subsidizes GVF training courses and certifications for its contracted FSRs. 

GVF Training is the established global standard for satellite communications skills, covering operation, installation and maintenance of VSAT, marine, and mobile/SNG satellite terminals, in addition to general and specialized satcom theory. 

As a NWNS FSRs you will learn, practice, and are evaluated on your knowledge and skills with online, self-paced, interactive, simulator-driven training modules developed by SatProf, Inc.

NWNS is one of the co-founders of the GVF training program back in the 90s.