Integrated solutions for applications serving remote areas

Affordable Small Satellite Solutions for Remote Sensing and High tech Agriculture

MANGOSAT is all about actively supporting the new space satellite operators deploying their low power global area networks.

With fleets of dozen, sometimes hundreds of relatively small satellites orbiting our planet in LEO, those new spacecraft operators can reach cost price levels a magnitude lower than the current traditional satellite IoT networks, while at the same time offering true global coverage. 

The new solutions are very easy to install, CAPEX are reasonable and the field equipment is a very low power consumers hence such a satellite IoT node can stay in the field anywhere on our planet and be without maintenance for years. All together those new types of satellite IoT networks are very affordable because of low cost of ownership and low OPEX…among the main requirements for a successful business that could solve a problem and lead to better prospects. 

Smart home and smart city applications might work well via terrestrial IoT networks but what about environmental monitoring, smart agriculture, energy grids and assets that travel across the word?

Mangosat’s Application & Solutions Provider Program

Mangosat has launched an attractive Application and Solution Provider (ASP) program. This will be an ecosystem for providers of software, hardware and solutions, as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in commercial land markets.

ASPs will gain access to MangoConnect, the company’s global satellite connectivity infrastructure and our regional presence to scale their solutions into new sectors and geographies.

This program aims to ensure that companies operating in areas without reliable connectivity, or with mission-critical connectivity needs, are able to access Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to enhance the efficiency, safety and sustainability of their businesses.

“With this new initiative we are set to accelerate the roll out of IoT into remote areas of the world where the data points might be the most valuable. Key to this acceleration is the provision of innovative turnkey solutions that our ASPs are creating, along with MangoConnects reliable connectivity, to ensure that the IoT solution works wherever it is needed.

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MangoConnect is life via the SWARM satellite network