NWNS Services

Some of the key services we  as NWNS offer include turnkey services, civil works services, network planning, zoning permissions and spectrum licenses, telecom implementation services and managed services.

Our turnkey services include site acquisition, technical survey, radio network design, rf surveys and site engineering.

We also offer civil works services whereby our civil engineering department will handle all the civil works on the project that we work on.

Some examples are the structural analysis of the acquired site, detailed civil design of foundations for satellite antenna or tower, shelter and fencing.

In our network planning optimisation services, we help you to plan the most cost-effective deployment of new network nodes and overlay technologies.

The scope of our telecom implementation services includes site survey, BOM preparation, material kitting and dispatch, material receiving at site, implementation and commissioning of the installation, integration of site with existing core connectivity, call testing, acceptance testing and maintenance of site.

The managed services operations are divided into two categories, the Network Operations Center (NOC) and Field maintenance.

We provide the tools, people and processes to manage your network 24/7. We take the burden away from you and provide all the network solutions required by your organisation from deployment to proactive monitoring of the network. Our services utilise in-country personnel providing more opportunities for people in a given country.

Field Services

Profesional Services